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Company Background
San Diego Chameleon Keepers

What San Diego Chameleon Keepers?

Bernadette and Victor Gomez have kept bonsai for over 16 years. Originally, we sold bonsai trees as Bonsai Victor because we noted from a need in San Diego for good bonsai resources. Bernadette and Victor Gomez have been selling bonsai for 4 years, starting in 1999. In much the same manner, San Diego Cham Keepers arose from a similiar need among chameleons for a knowledgable source of chameleons and resources. Our bonsai and our herps have always been a hobby first, business second. We continue in this business not so much for the monetary gain, but for the deep satisfaction we get from working with these subjects. My main goal in creating this website is to raise awareness of the keeping of chameleons, discuss issues unique to San Diego, and HAVE fun while meeting some like-minded individuals

History of Our Club

Victor Gomez was inspired by Kathie Kaiwai's Chameleon Journal website to create the San Diego Chameleon Keeper for the express purpose of sharing resources, and solving problems unique to keeping chameleons healthy and happy in San Diego.
With little experience in building websites, Victor Gomez built and launched the SDCK website on November 14, 2002. Originally started as an online club for San Diego area chameleon keepers, SDCK has evolved into Victor and Bernie's online source for the sharing of herp related information and available animals. 

Meet Bernadette and Victor Gomez!

Bernadette isn't ready to give out any personal information, let alone a picture. Suffice to say that she is the one behind the regular maintenance, the care, feeding, watering of both the herps and bonsai. Despite being a full-time mom to our scaled and non-scaled children, Bernadette is available with any questions you might have.
Victor Gomez was born and raised in San Diego, Ca and is the creative spark behind Bonsai Victor and SDCK. Victor Gomez is involved in the research and development aspect of the business and always seems to have his head in the clouds, re-inventing the wheel. Victor just recently received his BS and holds a full time job besides running Bonsai Victor and SDCK.

Our backyard
Our chameleons spend a considerable amount of time with our bonsai trees.

Please contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestion you might have at gomezvi@yahoo.com