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San Diego Chameleon Keepers

The Bulletin Board page is a place to offer news and announcements about members, and also to let members communicate with each other.

We might use this area to post general announcements and member news. We might use a format similar to this:

Updated March 31, 2005

We moved November 2004 from Perris, CA to Glendale, AZ. We moved to an apartment which is ironically larger than my house in Perris. However, what I don't have in this apartment is a garage and space outside to keep my breeding projects, so I was forced to abandon most of my breeding projects. I did keep my bearded dragons, and I recently acquired a breeding pair of veiled chameleons. I  recently hatched out my first 15 baby bearded dragons, and I'm expecting another 22 or so in the next month or so. The female veiled chameleon, Seren, has already laid her first clutch of 33 eggs and with a LOT of luck I will be producing my first batch of veiled babies here in AZ sometime early next year.
In case you want to hear the latest and greatest on my daily goings on, I've included a journal feed into the front page of SDCK. I update the journal on average about twice a week.
I will continue to offer reviews of products, tips, and valuable information.
If you have any pictures, product reviews or articles for publishing on this site, please contact Victor Gomez with any comments and ideas at gomezvi@yahoo.com


Effective Do-It-Yourself Drip System

Kathie Kaiwi's 'CJ Drip Water Systems' instructions are tried


By Victor Gomez (Note: The above link no longer works. I will include more detailed information later.

In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm not the most mechanically inclined person. Plus I'm an accident waiting to happen. If something can go wrong, rest assured I will find it. Heck, I don't even do oil changes on my car. Which is what made my attempt at building the Chameleon Journal's drip water system so interesting.

I found a Drip Water System described at Chameleon Journal's website, which seemed fairly straightforward and not too complicated. I wasn't too happy with my current drip system so I decided to tackle this project. The project went off with a few hitches, but nothing that I couldn't handle. For a complete materials list, visit the provided link above.

There was no instructions provided with the materials list, but there was a nice diagram which showed you where all the pieces were supposed to go. No instructions were necessary. There was only one cut to make for the length of the pipe, and one drill out for the brass needle valve assembly. All the pieces fit together with aquarium silicon sealant.

The great thing about the instructions is that you don't have to have the main pipe cut exactly. You can make it a bit longer or shorter than what is called, just make sure the cut end is as straight as possible; it wouldn't hurt to sand it!

This might seem obvious to you, but you will also need some sort of adhesive to glue all the pieces together. I used an aquarium silicon sealant. I figured if it's safe for my fish, should be safe for my Chameleons!

The 1/4 x 1/8 tube/MIP Brass needle valve assembly was a little difficult to find, but I finally found it at Home Depot. They have it, trust me! The assembly did not come with clear enough directions, but I finally figured out how to attach the 1/8 airline tubing to the assembly. Yes, I know I sound flakey, but when you attached the 1/8 tubing to where it was supposed to go, the brass attachment would just flop around the assembly and would not form a watertight seal. I finally figured out how to solve this problem:

1)       attach airline tubing to 1/8 the brass attachment

2)       using a crescent wrench, TIGHTEN the 1/8 attachment to assembly until it is snug

When you tighten the attachment, the assembly flares out and forms a water tight seal. NIFTY!

The directions to the drip system call for a 1/8 tap to the drip system housing, but I chose to drill the hole out slightly smaller than the direction called for, and line the hole with copious amounts of aquarium sealant. This worked for me, but you have to make sure the hole is small enough to form a tight seal, but large enough to allow the 1/4 thread through.

Another thing that isn't too clear is that the drop-in drain grate shouldn't be glued in place. You will want to remove this from time to time to clear out your drip system.

Overall, the drip system described was fairly straightforward, with nothing overly complicated. I'd give this one a difficulty rating of 3, and that's because of the 1/8 brass attachment difficulty.

Material cost me about $11, and that was because I bought a 10 ft PVC section and built , dividing the cost. The most expensive item was the brass assembly, which took up almost half of my bill. I would recommend this project to anyone, with access to a drill, hacksaw, and some silicone aquarium sealant.


The Month in Review

The SDCK website has been in existence since November 14, 2002
I finally graduated from Coleman College on March 14, earning my BS in Computer Applications and Networking in a little over 3 years. This means I have a little spare time on his hands- LOOK OUT!!!! Lots of updates and revisions planned.
This summer (and I'm including October) has been something else for us. It's taken 3 months to close escrow, but after almost 13 years of marriage, we finally bought a house. Granted, it's in Perris, Ca, but the important thing is that this OUR house. We moved in November first. It's been quite an adventure.
In anticipation of our move, we quit going to Kobey's, and altogether quit the bonsai business. We also reduced all our herps we had, focusing only on breeding projects or potential breeding projects. Okay, we kept some 'pets', but we don't have anywhere near the number of herps we had earlier. New breeding projects are already underway and we expect to start offering animals very soon.
November 2004 we pulled up our stakes in Perris, CA and we moved to Glendale, AZ. We had to abandon most of our breeding projects, but we're ramping up projects even as we speak..

Classified Ads

The classified ad section is a free service provided by SDCK. All transactions are the sole responsibility of the buyer and seller and SDCK is not responsible for any transaction between parties.Contact Victor Gomez at gomezvi@yahoo.com if you have any items to post.
For Sale: Misc. feng shui items (mudmen, lucky charms, bonsai/lucky bamboo pots). Contact Victor Gomez at gomezvi@yahoo.com for details.

With our recent move to Arizona , there are lots of thing planned for the future. We don't remain static for very long. We're full of ideas and planned projects that had been put on the 'back-burner' for far too long.
For those that are privy to what these plans and projects are, please keep tight lipped about it. For those that want to know what these plans and projects are, well, you'll just have to wait.
In the mean time, drop me a line at gomezvi@yahoo.com